This quick survey is to help understand how our employees view Rocketrip's ideal look, feel, and voice.
What department are you in? *

What three adjectives describe Rocketrip to you?

Adjective 1

Adjective 2

Adjective 3

What company has a brand closest to what you'd want for Rocketrip?

Not in terms of success, but how their products feel and the way they present themselves.
How would you like Rocketrip to make people feel?

Try to go deeper than "good" or "happy"
Should Rocketrip feel Casual or Professional? *

Are we Dollar Shave Club or Gilette?
Should we be Spontaneous or Deliberate? *

How should we make people feel? Are we Twitter or Time Magazine?
Fun or Serious? *

Comedy Central or CNN?
Fresh or Established? *

The Verge or the New York Times?
Should Rocketrip feel Affordable or Premium? *

We all know Rocketrip saves money for our clients. But should our brand feel like Levi's or Louis Vuitton?
Should Rocketrip feel Reserved or Outspoken? *

Grey Goose or Captain Morgan?
Masculine or Feminine? *

Harley Davidson or Kate Spade?
Optimistic or Realistic? *

State Farm or Prudential?
Simple or Full-Featured? *

iPad or Mac Pro?
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